Casting Has Begun!

Eartha Kitt

Casting has formally opened! Soon, cast announcements will be made here, as well as other production information.

The director and producers are seeking a charismatic and exciting group of talent. Eartha Kitt was a remarkable talent whose very presence made the screen more interesting to look at. We are intent on finding tperforming artists of a similar calibre.

There will be more than one set of roles being cast, so check periodically to see the other roles.

The Eartha Kitt Movie Pinterest Page

Eartha Kitt photo

All Eartha Kitt fans will want to check out our Eartha Kitt images on our pinterest page for the project!

Casting Round One is Coming

Eartha Kitt

The Eartha Kitt Movie will be opening Round One Casting in early August! The Director Shadow Dragu-Mihai and the producing team will be looking for several roles in this round. Competition will be stiff and we are casting for depth of skills. A full breakdown of the roles being cast will appear on this website in the coming week. Interested talent should submit through the contact page on this site. Feel free to post this announcement on social media or to share it with your friends and colleagues.

The Eartha Kitt Movie Is Coming...

The Eartha Kitt Movie will be announced shortly...

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Shadow Dragu-Mihai, SH